Matthew Perry stars as Ben Donovan, the self-involved manager of a minor San Diego sports arena who begins to re-think his life as a single man with no prospects on the eve of his 40th birthday. His boss is the arena owner, Crystal who is attractive, powerful and highly erratic. She expects too much, too soon, and gives too little praise. (sound familiar?) Alice is Ben's FWB (friend with benefits), she's the cute, tomboyish girl-next-door type, and the arena's marketing director. Alonzo is a former basketball player and is handsome, popular, and unreasonably happy. Ben's assistant, Heather, is pretty, and sweet, but a bit on the terrifying side (she once lit a boyfriend of hers on fire!) Crystal's son, Roman, is innocent, clueless and Ben's newest employee - by Crystal's decree. Then there's the hapless operations crew whose names Ben cannot keep straight, and so he refers to them all collectively as "Steve."


Matthew Perry as Ben
Allison Janney as Crystal
Nate Torrence as Roman
Andrea Anders as Alice
James Lesure as Alonzo


Executive Producers:Edit

  • Matthew Perry
  • Alex Barnow
  • Marc Firek
  • Jamie Tarses
  • Thomas Schlamme

Writters(pilot episode):Edit

  • Matthew Perry
  • Alex Barnow
  • Marc Firek

Director(pilot episode):Edit

  • Thomas Schlamme

Production Companies:Edit

(in association with Sony Pictures Television)

  • Matthew Perry Productions
  • Shoe Money Productions
  • Barnow and Firek Productions
  • FanFare Production

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